Employment Opportunities with Pet and Plant Care!

Pet and Plant Care Service is commited to hiring a top-notch staff that love pets and people. All dog walkers must have dogs of their own to understand the importance of the dog's care. All cat (and small animals) service providers own at least one or more cats, and understand the care needed for their independent and individual personality.

A training program for all pet providers is required before performing any servicing for Pet and Plant Care Service.

All service providers are screened: a credit check and criminal record report are obtained, and the driver license is investigated. Previous employment is checked and verified.

An evaluation card is provided for our clients each month to help the administration keep track of performance and provide the bonus structure for superior service providers.

Looking for a great job working with animals?

If you are a reliable, dependable, mature adult willing to make a long-term commitment, then fill out the form below, and click submit. You must own a reliable, insured vehicle, and be willing to work all holidays.

NOTE: We are currently hiring Monday through Friday positions, all shifts, as well as weekend-only shifts. All shifts are approximately 6-8 hours per day.